About us

As a non-profit organisation, TrueHumans take pleasure in maintaining social welfare-oriented projects to educate its members about the damage that is occurring all around us, and what we can do to repair it.

Made up of a team of couple of people with varied qualifications, we recognise that the only qualification one needs to become an active environmentalist who cares more about the world, is a true desire to help. We can all make a difference that will count in the long run, simply by:

. Admitting that there is a problem...
. Taking a closer look with more interest...
. Discovering greener alternatives...
. And turning that all into positive action.

We want to educate and assist people around the world to take action, and see quantifiable results that gives a sense of satisfaction and reward. With a gentle nudge in the right direction, it's surprising how much can be attained from a small effort made by everyone every day.

The reward, of course, is a world that's a better place to live in, and breathe in... One we can share with the flora and fauna in a sybmiotic relationship that protects our planet for the future of our children.

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