Social Welfare

If you're like us, and you're concerned about your social welfare -- all things surrounding you -- then by joining, you can become better educated and truly make a difference due to the actions you take every day.

We understand that by taking proactive measures on a daily basis, and by following through with affirmative action, we are laying a solid foundation for future generations to build on. Our aim is to make more people acutely aware of the damage that is occurring to our planet and its people worldwide, and to demonstrate how we can take a common-sense approach to resolving theses issues bit-by-bit.

Through dedicated research and brainstorming with peer groups, we recognise that the environment encompasses many different areas... many of which need long overdue attention. It's also important to acknowledge that we as the dweller of this planet must take responsibility in making it a healthier place to live.

We have identified 8 distinct areas where we can start working together with our members to learn how to improve our surroundings for continued long-term benefit.

- Our worldwide environment that has been abused for too long with some devastating results.
- How we can make a real difference around our immediate area where we live.
- Steps we can take to make our bodies healthier.
- What products we can buy to contribute to these causes.
- How we can treat waste differently to reduce the greenhouse effect.
- Being aware of the threat to fauna around the globe.
- Using mental and spiritual growth to enhance our state-of-mind and spiritual health.
- Where we can go to join even more people to work together.

Once you join, you can register in our users forum and make discuss these topics and more. We value our member's feedback, and encourage them to make suggestions for further improvements and future program inclusions.
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